Party for Life 2013: A rousing success!

Mike Dean-auction-adjNumbers are still being crunched, but if the high-flyin’ vibe was any indication, Sunday night’s Party for Life celebration was a home run…and then some.

Here’s a pre-official-press-release glimpse at the evening (photo above: Mike Dean lends his own special flair to the Live Auction):

Group A-adj

Above: Silent Auction in the lake view glass hallway 

And our honorees for the evening:

Global Views-adj

Above: Design for Life Award winners, Global Views
(Left to right: Retiring GFL Chair Leslie Nathan-Street, incoming Chair Stu Teller,
David Gebhart, Lois DelNegro, Frederick Rayner,
and GFL founding member Peter Schauben)


Above: Trailblazer Award Winners, Whereoware
(Left to right: Joe Harris, incoming GFL Chair Stu Teller, Eric Dean,
Bill Haskitt, and Jim Rothey)


Terrence Sheila George Peter-adj

Terence Morris, Sheila Charton, George Kacic, and GFL founding member Peter Schauben

Stay tuned…there are more pics available for download or purchase. Just gotta sort through ’em first, so closed eyes are weeded out.

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