Where does the money go?

So…once Gift for Life forwards the funds we raise to DIFFA, where does the money go? How will your contribution have an impact?

Primary HIV Prevention Programs
These types of programs involve individual, group, or community level interventions, targeting groups that have been identified as having the highest rates of HIV infection:

  • Youth—especially girls, but also focusing on young men and women of color
  • Transgender individuals, gay men, and men of color who have sex with men
  • Recent immigrants from high HIV/AIDS prevalence regions

Projects involve both HIV-negative and HIV-positive individuals. Potential project proposals must demonstrate how program interventions address underlining challenges related to HIV infection, such as relationship violence, substance use, trauma, homophobia, and stigma.

Proposals also implement behavioral science-based methods of HIV prevention for groups at high risk.

Advocacy and Public Policy
Advocacy and public policy efforts seek to increase public awareness about critical HIV/AIDS issues and ensure that AIDS remains a priority for public and private funding sources. Areas of special interest include:

  • Promotion of HIV prevention for youth, such as comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education
  • Expanded testing for HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Improved coordination of HIV prevention, treatment, and services in correctional and juvenile justice facilities
  • Harm reduction, including but not limited to availability of Expanded Syringe Access Demonstration Programs (ESAP) and funding for new models of syringe exchange programs

Project proposals are encouraged from organizations that include individuals affected by HIV as a part of their advocacy activities.