Become a Cause Marketing Partner

Gift for Life’s Cause Marketing Program invites companies to create, designate and wholesale a product or collection and donate a percentage of those sales to Gift for Life. GFL Cause Marketing Partners support the initiatives of DIFFA to help HIV/AIDS organizations year-round.

Partners receive the following benefits:

  • Significant industry exposure and visibility through GFL marketing and press coverage via trade media partners with 110K readers and followers.
  • Promotional opportunities at all GFL events and activities in New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas and other cities reaching tens of thousands of industry leaders.
  • Inclusion on the GFL and DIFFA websites and through social media.

“We are proud to support and contribute to Gift for Life’s ongoing efforts in the fight to eradicate AIDS worldwide.” Julie Chavez-Chavez for Charity

Les Mandelbaum, CEO of Umbra, “Not only did we support a charity we believe in, but gained more positive awareness of our brand.”



Gift For Life has launched a new “Under 40” cause marketing campaign. This marketing program is led by three gift companies – all with owners under the age of 40. Ann Page, Duke Cannon Supply Co and The Urban Agriculture Company each have pledged to donate $1,500 to Gift for Life from sales raised from a product or products in their lines throughout 2017. Learn more.









Q: Is there a minimum to participate in the Cause Marketing Program?

A: Companies pledge to contribute a minimum of $5,000 annually. If the collection doesn’t generate sales to meet the minimum within 12 months of start, companies may make an outright donation to meet their minimum.


Q: How are donations delivered to GFL?

A: Donations can be made by check or wire transfer. Payments can be made monthly or quarterly and GFL will work with you on a time frame to meet the needs of your company.


Q: Can our donations be designated to a specific HIV/AIDS organization?

A: It is best to bundle all proceeds from the Cause Marketing Program and allow DIFFA to decide on how to use the funds as part of its annual grant cycle, and have the flexibility to make available for emergency requests.

For more information on becoming a Cause Marketing Partner, please contact Matthew Katzenson or Nancy Michael.

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